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   Version française
SERGEI CHEPIK           


An article in THE TIMES, entitled, “Christ and Cross”, points out the originality of GOLGOTHA (63” x 54”), painted by CHEPIK in 1995-1996, and exhibited in LONDON at the Gallery in Cork Street, in March 1999.
GOLGOTHA is exhibited at Saint-Paul’s and a project for the Cathedral

is discussed with the Dean, the Rev. John Moses and Canon Buckler.

2002, May to June
Chepik reads carefully and meditates on the Gospels.
2002, August
Very first sketches (ink, pencil on paper).
2002, September
Everyday work with a male model to sketch all the future characters.
(several hundreds of drawings are completed)
2002, September- October
Watercolour sketches for the 4 paintings to come
2002, October-November
Oil on canvas medium size sketches (First version)
2002, November
Written (French/English) presentation of the overall project by Chepik.
2002, November 27th
Presentation in London by Chepik to the Dean and the Chapter of the 4 canvas sketches (First version) together with all the preparatory drawings (several hundreds of drawings enframed)
2003, January-February
Oil on canvas medium size sketches (Second version).
2003, March 14th
The 4 sketches (second version) are accepted by the Chapter.
2003, April-July
Chepik works with several models for the different characters (male and female) in the 4 paintings.
Preparation of the 4 big canvases and Complementary monochromatic sketches on medium size canvases for the final execution.
2003, August 10th
Beginning of the work on THE HOLY VIRGIN (or NATIVITY) (165 x 240 cm) (65 “x 94,5“)
2003, September 10th
THE HOLY VIRGIN (or Nativity) (65” x 94,53”) is completed.
2003, November 3d
Beginning of the work on THE RESURRECTION (165 x 240 cm) ( 65 “ x 94,5 “)
2003, December 6th
THE RESURRECTION (65 “ x 94,5 “) is completed
2004, January, 30th
Beginning of the work on THE PUBLIC MINISTRY OF CHRIST (430 x 240 cm) ( 169,3“ x 94,5 “ ).
A scaffold is needed.
2004, April 27th
THE PUBLIC MINISTRY OF CHRIST (169,3” x 94,5”) is completed.
2004, May 21d
The Dean of Saint Paul’s, the Very Rev. John Moses and Canon Buckler discover the 3 first paintings in Chepik’s studio and are enthusiastic about them.
2004, June 4th
Beginning of the work on THE PASSION (430 cm x 240 cm) (169,3“ x 94,5“ )
2004, August 26th
THE PASSION (169,3” x 94,5”) is completed.

So, from 2003, August 10th to 2004 August 26th , Sergei Chepik has been working every day on the final execution of the 4 paintings (mixed media and oil on canvas) for Saint-Paul’s Cathedral.

(c) 2004, Marie-Aude Albert

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