Documentary film on Chepik’s Hommage Exhibition at the Russian Cultural and Spiritual Center in Paris, March 1st - April 14th 2019




Documentary film on Chepik’s Hommage Exhibition, Paris, Mairie VI, November 15th - December 8th





About Petrouchka - In French and Russian






Sergei Chepik in Leningrad, June 1988 (subtitles currently in French ; the English subtitles will be ready soon)





Conversations with Sergei Chepik (2007) You can have the English translation of this video in the 11 little videos which follow on this page.





Pierre Richard about his portrait painted by Chepik





Opening party of the exhibition Jean-François Guillon / Sergei Chepik: A photograph's look on an artist's studio





For the moment some subtitles are only in French, but we plan in the next months to add subtitles in English. Thank you for your patience!



1/ Chepik about his works for Saint-Paul's Cathedral (3' 20")





2/ The Apocalypse and The Redemption (3' 30")





3/ Sold paintings, copies, commissions and money (4' 45")





4/ Russia Crucfied and Russian Roulette (4' 25")





5/ The World of Theatre (4' 20")





6/ Admired Russian masters (3'25")





7/ Emigration, Portrait painting and Mikhail Bulgakov (4')





8/ The Love of Art and the departure from Russia (4')





9/ Happiness, Style and the great theme of Art (4')





10/ The Passion for work (3' 05")





11/ As a conclusion (2' 25")





Russian Summer Show at Roy Miles Gallery, Bruton Street, London, 1989 (5 mns)





Movie by Natalia Bogdanovska shot in July 2011 :





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